Kūryba / Muzika / Vasaros (open air)


Ravine /\ Fest' 18

One moment you wake up and the summer is gone. Another season of sun kissed faces, tired legs and burning hearts is gone. The season of pine forests and rivers. The moment you realize, that mistake is synonym to a lesson, that you never loose, only learn. That nothing comes to an end, it’s only a transformation. And you will settle down only for a moment – to gather your thoughts. To soak up inspirations from the ones that you've met, from the things you've seen and felt. So that you can evolve and go farther. The next time you can give a bit more. You can be there for another weekend utopia. EARLY BIRD TICKECTS on sale: https://tickets.paysera.com/en/event/ravine-fest-18 Only 50 tickets for now - be quick! See you in 2018!

Nuo 25
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