Muzika / Vasaros (open air)


Loftas Fest'18

Save the date: September 7-8th

Loftas Fest’18. City powered urban festival: 2 nights dedicated to great music, contemporary urban art and delicious street food. 
4 music stages | Art stage | Open gallery exhibition 2 | Night cinema | Street food yard | Vinyls market | Rave till dawn.

Price: There will be 2 different types of prices: social contribution ticket to access the festival and separate tickets for the headline shows.
More info about lineup and tickets coming soon.

Press Going and follow the news here or Subscribe to our for more info about the festival and code for early bird tickets.

Švitrigailos g. 29, Vilnius
Renginio vieta
Švitrigailos g. 29, Vilnius
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